Problem with "Home Control" on Qolsys Panel

There seems to be a bug with the “Home Control” menu on my Qolsys panel. Maybe some others can comment if they have experienced the same issue, or can test to see if they have the same problem.

When I select “Home Control” from the home screen, and select “lights,” my panel does some goofy stuff. It is impossible to set the dimmer on any of my lights and clicking on the check box next to a light will often result in a different light getting checked off. I currently have 8 light modules connected to my system. They all work fine. The only issue is in operation of the lights from the panel.

Video of the problem:

Hm. I’ve not seen this before. I’m going to see if I can replicate the problem and reach out to some other team members to see if we can get a better idea of what may be creating this issue. Thanks for the video. Great help to understand what you’re experiencing.

Hi Amanda,

Any news on this issue? I’m also noticing that the panel voice “stutters” and gets hung up when I punch in my disarm code and the reaction time when i punch in each number has a delay in it. It seems like the panel doesn’t have the processing power to accept the speed at which i type in the number (really not that fast with using 1 finger).

Thanks for the help!

I have sent the video you provided directly to Qolsys techs for review. I will update this thread with the response and suggestions.

Is it a REV D Panel? I get the same issue

One question: do you have the lights switched on when you are attempting to change the dimmer level? Make sure to turn on the selected light and then try sliding the dimmer. Does this work?

Also, from Qolsys: “In regards to the slow response when you are checking the boxes, there is a status update process taking place in the background and each press is a request for action which queues up in the background processes. We made some improvements to the UI in our next release.”

I have a rev B panel. Which brings another question… I’m guessing D is more recent than B. I bought this panel about 3 weeks ago.

What are the differences in a rev B and a rev D? Which one is the most recent panel?

In the video, all lights were off.

Just checked the panel… When I disarm, I have a couple lights programmed to come on. I tried to scroll down to see the status of the lights but it still took awhile before it would scroll down. After disarm, the panel did show the lights to be on (light bulb icons were lit). The sliders were much easier to move back and forth. I did try and “check off” a different light and a different one got checked, just like in the video. I couldn’t work the slider on it.

I turned another light on via the wall switch. The panel never updated to show that it was on (light bulb icon on panel was still dark). Couldn’t do anything with the slider on it as well…

Sorry for the delayed response. I never received an email notification even though I signed up for them.

Revision E is the latest production run that I am aware. It amounts to the hardcoded software changes made to the panel components and radios, some not capable of upgrade via firmware updates and so must be updated at the factory. Qolsys may ship a panel labeled REV B, but it has likely been factory updated to match REV E, denoted by factory labels on the serial number sticker.

Revision E fixed a few compatibility issues with specific sensors due to hardware issues, among other things. A couple questions:

What is the RF PIC version number showing in your (About) section in settings?
What firmware are you currently running?
If you have firmware 1.41 you should be able to see the Zwave SDK Radio version at the bottom of the (About) section. What is this number?

EDIT While the above will give me an idea where your panel sits with regard to updates, the issue you are showing with the lights page is a UI software issue. The more lights that are connected the slower the page will accept commands when you access it due to it requesting status upon entry. This “Get Light Status” command runs in the background. Can you open the page, wait a minute, and then attempt to control the page?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your help on this.

I looked in the “about” section and here is what I found.
Hardware Version is REV B.
RF PIC Version is 6
Firmware is Q1.4.1
Z-wave SDK Radio Version is not showing on my panel. It only shows Z-wave firmware version 4.55

I guess I’ll just wait to see if the response time gets any better with their next UI firmware release.

As far as the REV B or D, there is nothing indicating that on the box. On the SN label, there is a blue, and a green circular sticker. I’m guessing this might be the indicator?


Yes, those stickers would be indicative of factory updates. Rev B was still produced with an RFPIC of 1, so the panel has been updated. Zwave 4.55 is the latest on Qolsys.

I think it is likely just tied to the Status command and slowdown of the UI. An update will be out in a couple weeks, and Qolsys says they have addressed this and a few other issues. Further refining of the UI is going to continue as the product matures.