Problem Pairing with Qolsys D/W Sensors

I’m somewhat stuck with the Qolsys panel pairing of the D/W Mini sensors. The panel is adding the sensors (5 so far), but when I try them (open/close a window), nothing happens. I’ve tried running a Sensor Test, but under “Result” all I get is “No Signal”.

I’ve tried rebooting the panel twice already. I powered down and disconnected the battery and the transformer. Nothing changed! When I tampered with the sensor at the front door, the panel did say “Front Door Open”, but when I tried to repeat it by opening the door, nothing happened. Now the panel says that sensor is Open and won’t let me arm the system.

Anyone has any ideas? The sensors I’m trying to pair are all QS1115-840, if that helps.

Perhaps you programmed them wrong. Verify programming is correct.

I’ve checked and re-checked. I’ve deleted the sensors a few times without any change.

I did pair a motion sensor, an image sensor, the QS tilt and a key fob. They all work fine. This is only happening with the D/W sensors.

Go to your Settings - About page. What is the RFPIC version listed there? The QS1115-840 was not fully compatible until RFPIC 7

Under System PIC, I see V80_05. Under RF PIC Version, I see 8.2-G.

Does that guve you what you need?

Can I contact Qolsys technical support, or are dealers only allowed?

Once I figure this out, I’ll be able to call in and set up monitoring with Suretycam, but I’m stuck until I resolve this. I saw in an earlier post you service Atlanta, so one least thing to ask!

Thanks for the help.

8.2 should not have an issue with that sensor that I know of. I will check on that though. Typically they only support dealers directly.

When you are selecting the programming for those sensors, what sensor group number are you using? and what is the specific wording of the Sensor Type?

Also, Can you verify that the serial number on the sensor sticker matches what shows up on the panel when you select the appropriate zone type?

Once I figure this out, I’ll be able to call in and set up monitoring with Suretycam...

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