Prevent Lock Access in Panel

I use the Qolsys panel with ADC for a vacation rental home. I set passcodes for the guests before arrival. I have 3 locks that I do NOT provide access to where we store personal belongings. Some of the guests can figure out that they can unlock these locks via the Panel on the table top - even though their passcode doesn’t work on the lock itself. Short of hiding the panel, is there a way to passcode protect the panel to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the panel and unlocking the locks?.

I saw a similar thread in a Qolsys facebook page and knew it sounded familiar! I apologize for missing this, it’s my fault. We were awaiting some clarification from the manufacturer on their upcoming partitioning and it slipped through.

It is not possible to filter access yet, but Qolsys has apparently built Z-wave access into partitions as well as sensors for their next firmware release for the IQ Panel 2. This will allow you to give users access to one partition but have the Z-wave devices on another one.

We do not have a solid ETA yet, but it is supposed to be the next firmware drop, so should be soon!