Pre-purchase questions with partitions and a rental unit with a shared garage


We have a home that has a basement rental unit that the renter enters through the garage to get in. We also use the garage for storage and garage things. We are thinking we would need 2 partitions, one for upstairs, for us, and one for downstairs for the renter.

What I’m wondering is what is the best way to handle the garage? Should it be part of the renter’s partition? Should it be a separate partition? Is there a better way to handle this sort of mixed zone?

Thank you in advance for the help!

A sensor can only be on one partition, but in general we recommend against using overhead garage doors as alarm generating sensors.

Instead it is recommended to program them as notification only zones. In that case it would only matter for chime purposes and you can create notifications for when it is left open, etc.

In the case you are referencing I would especially use it as a notification only zone.

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