PowerG Issues

I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus and have been trying to install PowerG sensors. I have enrolled them and sometimes the sensors disappears. For instance, I enrolled a glass break sensor two days ago, installed it, and now it doesn’t show up on my panel. This has been very frustrating. I just had to re-enroll a motion detector that disappeared as well. What am I doing wrong?

That is certainly strange, I’ve never seen a working sensor delete itself, and I am not seeing any indication of sensors having been deleted in Alarm.com history. Can you confirm that these sensors were tested and functioned after installing them?

My initial guess based on what you described is that the sensor inclusion process may not have been completed, and the new sensor was found, but never saved.

When adding each sensor, at the end of inputting the correct sensor details, you must tap “Add New” at the bottom of the screen. This saves the sensor and then you can continue adding more sensors or back to the home page.

Thank you for the response. Yes, I tested and made sure they were added and saved before installing. After installing I confirmed they showed up on the panel and then two days later two of my sensors no longer showed up. My glass break sensor is still missing and I need to re-enroll it.

Did you add any other sensors in between those being added and disappearing?

What zone number was the Glass Break?

I didn’t assign a zone to the glass break. I did not add any others since then.

Any time you learn in a sensor into the IQ Panel 2+ it will be assigned a zone number. They just go in sequence 1, 2, 3, etc., they are not chosen. It cannot be learned in without having one.

Do you remember which zone number was the Glass Break? It would help us track down the issue.

I’m just inferring this from the sensor list, but you have a zone 7, then the newly re-added motion detector is zone 9. Zone 8 is missing, but it would have been filled with the motion if it was vacant prior to learning in the motion. This leads me to suspect the Glass Break was zone 8.

If that is the case, we should see a record of that sensor being deleted some time after the motion was added. Just trying to narrow down the time frame so we can have ADC search in more detailed logs.