Plunger Sensor Malfunction

I’m getting a malfunction on one of my sensors ever since I changed the battery about a month ago. It’s an ion Micra door plunger. Could you look at my system and let me know if you have any ideas of what I could try to fix the problem. I’ve already tried power cycling both the sensor and the panel as well as upgrading the panel’s firmware. It’s showed a loss of supervision at the panel but still responds when the door is opened and closed. Thanks for your help.

Supervision corresponds to the panel’s automatic check-in period to verify sensor functionality when not in use. The panel did not receive a supervision signal from that sensor, an that is typically the first thing you will notice if signal is on the fence with regard to strength.

Did you replace with the same type of battery?
Was the battery new?
How far away is the sensor from the panel?
Can you verify that the antenna was not damaged or pinched when re-installed?