PIR stays "activated" according to alarm.com

One of my PIRs - a resolution prod unit - seems to stay activated a very long time. I’ve left the room, no pets, nothing moving in the room. The website for alarm.com shows “activated” now for 10 minutes. How does this technically work?

I know we’ve talked about testing in which case it shuts down the radio for 3 minutes post a trigger. Is this the case in normal operating mode? What I’m concerned about is that when I arm the alarm it will immediately trigger. These things are a necessary evil - never have been a fan of PIRs but some places you just have to have one.

Additionally, when the system is armed - does it send a “clear” command of some sort to the PIR which resets the active condition to idle?

Thanks tons in advance for the heads up.

PIRs on Alarm.com are only updated with a new status from the same sensor after about forty-five minutes (unless this time has been changed by Alarm.com) for sensor activity monitoring purposes. Door/windows limit this to 3 minute intervals. This keeps the data processing from being overwhelming due to motions constantly activating from everyday activity.

This has no bearing on security monitoring. When armed, sensor signals are immediate.

You can find some info on the difference here.