PG9985 flood sensor - will it immediately re-arm after dismiss first alert?

Just installed the PG9985 flood sensor and did a quick test with a wet paper towel to trigger the alarm. Everything looks good. However, I am curious what would happen if I had been experiencing an actual flood, and the sensor was submerged. Would it alert immediately again after I dismissed the first alarm? Or does it go into a 24 hour hibernation (or something like this), assuming that you have been alerted and are investigating / resolving the flood issue? I have already mounted the sensor to the floor with screws and so I don’t really want to flood the area just to test out what happens, but I would hope that it would not keep going off every 2 minutes.

Thanks for your help!

If the condition restores and then occurs again, it will alarm. So if there is a leak and then the sensor probe is dry it will restore the status and alarm if a leak condition trips the probe again.

ok, great thanks that makes sense!