Pg9862 failure

A pg9862 newly installed a few days ago reported a failure. This was resolved by removing the sensor from its base and replacing. Actually, it restored after just unscrewing the set screw, prior to actually unscrewing the sensor from the base.

What are the potential causes of this failure and how can I troubleshoot?

Was this failure reported at the panel or was it in as well? Was there any additional information other then “failure”?

How far away from the panel is this sensor?

i cannot find it in my ADC history, so perhaps it was only at the panel? if i remember correctly, the failure was reported around 1 am, and restored around 9 or 10 am when i tampered it as described. no other information reported. when walking past the detector that morning, the red LED did not illuminate like it normally does until after i tampered it to restore it. it seems to be functioning normally since then. the sensor is located perhaps 40 ft from the panel, one room over.

I can check history to see if there’s any additional information, what is the System Description name on the account? What is the sensor name in programming ?

Alternatively, you can PM me the account in question if you want to keep it off the public forum.

Thank you for that information. It looks like the device tampered on 3/4 and went into malfunction on 3/6. After reseating the sensor, no malfunctions or tampers have reported since. No other information is available.

Its likely, based on the trouble shooting that was done, that the sensor was not seated correctly initially, reseating the sensor seems to have resolved the issue, however, I would keep an eye on it for the time being to ensure that it does not go into malfunction again.

Ok will do thanks