Performing radio test

I’ve just replaced the cell module in my panel with the new one I ordered. I do not have my installer code because Surety Cam was the original installer a few years ago and the default installer code is not valid. Instructions I received from customer service a little while ago guided me to performing the radio test through the menu toolbox which I can access with only my master code for the panel, however, there is no option to test the radio on the third screen within the toolbox as was shown and instructed in the video provided.

How do I proceed from here? Also, won’t I need the installer code at some point and how to I obtain or reset this?

Looks like our customer service posted regarding this here just now.

Have you updated firmware prior to installing the module?

If the firmware on the panel is not 1.9.5 or later for Verizon (1.9.6 or later for AT&T) no cell phone test option will show up.

Once connected to service an initial command template is sent which defaults the installer code/opens access.

This link should be in your welcome email and may also be of assistance. That email will also have the installer code that your panel will default to after the initial cell phone test successfully passes (as well as instructions for setting it to the code of your choosing).