Pending alarm

Today when I opened an entry door, I got a pending alarm notification, and the siren immediately went off. I disarmed at the panel, and the siren stopped.

Why did the siren go off with a pending alarm on an entry sensor?

Happy to help. Looking at the arming event prior to the alarm, the system was armed Away with No Entry Delay selected through the mobile app.

No Entry Delay means that for that arming period Entry doors will function as perimeter doors. This is an option any time you arm the system.

“Pending Alarm” always refers to a sensor with Dialer Delay enabled.

Dialer Delay is a delay period between when the sensor trips an alarm and when the signal will be forwarded to the central station. By default on the 2GIG panel this time period is 30 seconds, but can be edited.

Dialer Delay is enabled and disabled on a per-sensor basis in the 2GIG Panel Programming for each sensor zone. To turn it off enter programming and navigate to the sensor in question and press down until you see Dialer Delay, then switch it to disabled, exit saving changes.

Got it. Thanks