Payment issues

Auto payment for suretydiy didn’t go through. Tried a couple different payment options. None would go through. Something is wrong with the payment methods from suretydiy.

I forwarded this on to customer service. They will be following up. For billing/account questions, for security reasons we won’t want to use the forum.

Good afternoon. I have surety cam services and payments are automatically deducted from my bank account. Last month there was a message that I read from the security panel stating that there was a problem with billing and payment issues. Could you please check into this? Do i need to update anything at this time? I have been with surety cam for almost 6years so I don’t know if there is a need of updating my profile. Thank you.

Due to security concerns for billing/account details, the forum is not the best place to follow up. This has been forwarded on to customer service ( so that they can look into this and follow up via email.