Panel tamper not restoring

Hi this morning I received a panel tamper on my qolsys IQ panel while disarming. I was contacted by the monitoring company about an hour later the panel tamper had not been restored. I do not see the tamper on the panel sensors list nor in the app sensor list. I rebooted the panel but the monitoring company still has yet to see the panel tamper restored almost 3 hours later Any suggestions on next steps? My only thought would be to open the panel and manually open close the tamper switch but I’d prefer to avoid that if possible.


Hey, I looked into your account and this looks like it may be an error on the monitoring station side, I do see a cancel/restore for that tamper and it was successfully sent 1 second after the tamper. That’s why there is no tamper listed in or on the panel.

I’ll double check with our team why this might have occurred, if timing was an issue considering both signals arrived almost simultaneously

Thanks Jason is there anything I should do with the monitoring station to resolve?

No, there’s nothing to resolve, they received the signal but the operator notification process did not recognize it. I am waiting on some info from the monitoring team to ensure it doesn’t happen again, but this is a one off error.

Great, thanks for clarifying!


I’m having the exact same issue again. The ADC app is showing a panel tamper. The panel doesn’t show it as open. I was contacted by monitoring via an automated response. The tamper on the app still hasn’t resolved.


I see the tamper in your history and that it is since resolved. If you are experiencing a tamper alert sometimes when you physically interact with the panel that suggests there may indeed be an issue with the physical tamper switch or back plate.

I would open the panel, inspect the tamper switch to make sure it is not damaged, then close up the panel. Make sure the back plate is firmly attached and that no cabling is bunched up causing issues with closure.