Panel Stopped Powering On

I just updated firmware using the Vivout Kit and started using the panel. The panel shut down after a period of time and the home and emergency buttons started flashing intermittently. I tried powering down and powering back up but now the panel will not power up at all.

I have verified that 14 volts DC is being supplied from the transformer to the panel (tested at the panel terminals) and that there is no other indication of the panel being on. I may have powered down during the flashing buttons, but I do not remember.

Just for verification: did you power the panel down completely while the buttons were flashing? Transformer and battery?

If so it sounds like the panel board may have been damaged. Those buttons flashing (one then the other) indicates a final panel download from

Yes I did remove the transformer and battery. I thought I may have not connected the battery all the way and that was why it had shut down. So if I did damage things, that means I will have to get a new panel correct?

Yes, it is very likely that the panel is damaged beyond repair. As a quick test you could try powering down completely, transformer then battery, removing the 3g cell module, and powering back up completely, battery then transformer. But this is a complete shot in the dark and highly unlikely to change anything.

I was afraid of that. K, I will give it a shot and hope for the best. Thanks for your help.