panel screen?

Anybody ever see anything like this? Is it even fixable?

I’ve seen 2GIG screens start showing weird colors or regions like that more than a few times now. 2GIG has been willing to replace them if they’re still under warranty. I don’t know of a way to fix it when that happens.

So…what does 2GIG say is actually happening? Display failure? MB issue? Driver/software issue?

I am interested to know what actually is occurring.

Me too. It’s a physical issue. We’ve tried reflashing them and it didn’t help. 2GIG has never given an explanation and I’ve asked many times. I’ll check again to see if there’s any update. My best hypothesis of the cause would be people pressing the screen too hard over a long period of time.

I followed up and heard back from 2GIG on this. We’ve returned at least 5 panels over the past couple years with that screen problem. 2GIG says they have been unable to reproduce the problem and the panels we returned were working fine when they received them. Doesn’t make sense to me.

So essentially they say powering it off for a while resolves the issue?

That may make sense. As I have noticed on some used panels that have been powered off for a time that the history is wiped out/reset. Perhaps powering off for extended periods resets/clears memory of panel?

Maybe that’s it. Let me know if you leave that one powered off for a while and it makes the problem go away.

Its not mine. So I will have no idea if extended power off resolves issue or not.

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