Panel Power Failure Alert

Using a DSC Impassa with ADC module. Got a power failure alert this morning that remains on the app and online view. No power failure at this time and did not notice one at the time listed on the alert. How do you clear the notification on the app and online?


There would be some troubleshooting commands and diagnostics we would have access to if you use Surety as your provider. I’m not seeing a related Surety subscription, is that correct?

When you say that no power failure occurred, do you mean the location did not lose power as a whole?

Can you confirm the panel itself is powered now? A power loss notice may just mean that the panel is unplugged or that circuit is not powered (threw a breaker, etc.)

If the panel has AC power now, try power cycling the panel by unplugging the transformer and battery, wait 30 seconds, then plug in the battery, then the transformer.

Does ADC see an updated status shortly after reboot?

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I am not a Surety subscriber. I was just looking for an ADC forum and found this one. Please excuse my trespass.

Before I went to accomplish your power cycle recommendation I checked both the app and online page again and the alert was gone. “System OK” was displayed. This after the alert registered at 0939 and was still there when I posted on the forum. ???

Maybe it just take a long time for ADC to see that the issue is no longer viable. I am new to ADC and still getting accustomed
to its nuances.

Sorry for intruding but thanks for the advice.

No intrusion! We are happy to provide answers to any question! Subscribers and non-subscribers alike are free to ask questions on our forum!

Sometimes a secondary user of a system might create an account and ask a question and it won’t be readily apparent which subscription it refers to. Like to double check because we can assist a little more in depth for Surety subscribers.

In general there may be a short delay in between when the issue is resolved and when that is reflected in That would depend on your panel reporting the updated status. Usually it shouldn’t take that long though.

General low signaling might cause a status message to be missed. If you are just getting set up, it might be good to ask your provider double check your signal strength and registration time to make sure your panel has a good signal!

Nothing to worry about. You’re welcome here! We hope you stick around. See our about page for what this site is all about.