Panel is dead

I armed my panel tuesday night of last week,no problem. I woke up Wednesday morning and the panel is completely dead… I tested the wall outlet,it’s working fine. So I order a new power supply. It comes yesterday,I hook it up, still nothing. Please help!

Do you know if you had any storms or other power outages the night the panel stopped functioning?

Also, are you able to test the voltage from the panel power supply with a multimeter or equivalent? It’s likely a damaged control panel if two separate power supplies will not power it up.

Did you happen to work on or around the control panel wiring recently? (prior to it going dead)

No,there was no power surges or outages. No storms,etc. and I haven’t done anything on or near the unit. I don’t have a thing to test it tho. Does that mean I have to buy a new control panel?? This system is barely a year old!!

go to lowes/home depot and get a $11 multimeter with leads

also, take a pic of inside of panel/wires, and wired transformer.

i assume you observed polarity? at panel and at transformer? or are you using barrel plug?


Using a multimeter to verify that you have 12-14V at the panel end of the power cable would be the best troubleshooting step.

Another option would be to try using another power cable to see if the problem is with the cable or a connection. Get a short cable and use it to connect the transformer and the panel. Like rive said, make sure you get the polarity right if you do that.

One last option, although a very long shot, would be to leave the panel unplugged for a few hours and then try plugging it back in. It’s unlikely to help but I have seen that work on occasion.

If you try all these steps and it still won’t turn on then the panel is probably dead. If you’ve had it less than a year then it would still be covered by 2GIG’s warranty (information on how we handle warranty issues is available here).

OK, so I got a multimeter and still no go. So bizarre, as there was no outages or storms, the panel just went dead. I’ve ordered a new one, should be arriving on Monday June 1st. Will I need to input all the sensors, names, loops, etc again? Oh gosh, I hope not!! Lol! Also, is there a way to get a refund on the month of gold service monitoring since the panel went dead and nothing was being monitored?? I think it’s strange I wasn’t notified when I went offline completely. What’s to stop someone from coming in and smashing the panel? No one was aware both sources of power had failed. Not feeling completely secure with that!

Did you have any of the notifications set up on You can select any of the users contact addresses you added to receive notifications for stuff like power outages and communication problems. Would def recommend using those.

System event notifications, there are a lot of them to choose from.

I had a power outage while away from home for a few days, got notified quick and had a friend check in on the house.

I’ve ordered a new one, should be arriving on Monday June 1st. Will I need to input all the sensors, names, loops, etc again? Oh gosh, I hope not!! LoL

Yes. There is a way to transfer all the zones and Q’s to new panel. I had it done on my new panel.

whatever you do DO NOT immediately hook up the new panel with your cell module

Before you turn on that new panel, contact customer service, and have them backup your current panel config now, then have them push it to new panel. ONLY when you receive that confirmation (that the backup has been pushed to new panel), do you power up new panel, and install the cell module.

If you fail to do the above, and power up that panel before the backup is pushed, the new panel will overwrite your config, and you will have to manually install all sensors/zones.

In any event, you will have to manually reinstall any and all zwave devices, any keypads (TS1/PAD1), and any Image Sensors. panel settings like brightness, and sound settings, User codes (other than Master) will all have to be manually reset also.

What’s to stop someone from coming in and smashing the panel

If the panel is armed, and it is destroyed/smashed by an intruder before it alarms it has already sent a signal if say a delay entry sensor was triggered…e.g., “front door triggered, standby for disarm confirmation”.

If that confirmation is never received (because panel was destroyed), a signal is sent to central station for an alarm event.

strange I wasn’t notified when I went offline completely.

Set the panel for daily test… by default its every 30 days. Set it for daily test Q29(1), and enable smart test reports (Q64). Once you change the setting, you have to notify central station also, and make sure it is properly configured (auto test signal forwarding).

If the panel daily test isn’t received/logged, it will trigger a “no test received” event.


We would recommend always using notifications on to customize which system event alerts you wish to receive. Select “Notifications” and “System Actions to Watch”

Daily test timers are possible per the post above. Please let us know at that you have programmed your panel for daily tests and that you would like to be contacted by our central station on a failed test.