Panel has laryngitis apprently

Hey surety team,

My panel has stopped speaking today even after a reboot and turning voices off and then back on in the sounds settings. Any ideas? It’s kinda funny though that it decided to stop annunciating while I’m home with laryngitis. It must have caught it from me lol :joy:

Is this all sounds or just sensor annunciations? If you arm do you get the countdown beeps, etc.?

Did you make any programming changes before noticing the issue?

You might try powering down the alarm panel for an extended period. Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down. Leave it off for 20 minutes. Any change?

Yes I do get countdown beeps and sensor chin just no sensor voice annunciation or the other system voices such as please enter code when accessing the setting or select arming type etc.

It is also still present after an extended power down.

Figured it out! I turned down the volume this morning on a camera feed while watching it on the panel and apparently that turns down voice too. Just realized that when going to pull up a cam and now everything is working. Strange those are interconnected.

Thank you for your follow up. Glad this is resolved for you!