Panel Display Not Turning Off

I currently have the panel’s display set to time out after five minutes and to display only a blank screen instead of a screen saver. This seems to work fine when the panel is set to “Arm-Stay”, though when the panel is set to “Arm-Away” the panel light fails to time out and stays continuously lit. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I would like the have the panel display to be able to turn off in both modes as I usually set the panel to away mode at night despite the fact that I am home so that the motions on other floors are active. Is there any way to do this; am I missing something or is this just a bug in the system?

This may be a bug. What firmware version are you currently using? On a 1.13 test panel this does not occur with either a 5 minute or 30 second timeout.

Thanks for the reply. I’m currently using version 1.4.2. I went back to look at the time-outs and it appears that I don’t even have an option for a 30 second time out either; just 5 minutes and above.

Ah, I think it was assumed it was a 2GIG panel with the back-light timeout question. Let me test a Qolsys panel (firmware 1.4.2 can only be Qolsys). Have you tried any other time length?

I see the same behavior from our Qolsys panel. I’ll shoot this to Qolsys and post their feedback

Jason, thanks for your help and contacting Qolsys. I just tried multiple time out lengths and the 5,10, and 15 minute time outs all fail to turn the screen off when armed away.

Yes, this is a known issue with 1.4.2 I have just been told. It is being fixed in the new firmware 1.4.3. No specific release date yet for that.

Just downloaded firmware version 1.4.3 to the panel and after multiple tests, it appears that this issue still persists. Crossing my fingers for 1.4.4 I guess…