Panel Chimes / Sounds w External Siren

I’m looking to buy a wireless siren for my Qolsys panel. Would the siren duplicate the chimes / spoken notifications that come from the panel? I know the wired siren output is only for an alarm, but what about the wireless?

It is tough to hear the panel from the upstairs rooms in my home, hence the siren, but I would like to also hear the other notifications. Thanks.

There isn’t a wireless siren only which would mimic the chimes/sounds of the panel. For chime and Alarm purposes, an IQ2 would be the best solution.

Well that’s frustrating, why would they not have that option?

I understand that the wired siren may be a hardware limitation, but it seems this can easily be addressed via a software update. I definitely don’t need all the add’l functionality (and substantial added cost) of the IQ2… Just want to be able to hear my panel from more than 30 feet away.

I don’t suppose there are any workarounds outside of opening the panel and wiring a siren in parallel w the internal speaker? ???

Z-wave sirens will not mimic the panel because they are manufactured to produce a general siren independent of what system they are used with.

The panel manufacturers will likely not put effort into developing a siren/chime only solution if they do not see a high demand. In most cases, an IQ2 would be more appropriate as it gives control features over the system.

A Z-wave siren may be the best choice in this circumstance. The RE116U universal siren with its transmitter connected to the wired bell output on the Qolsys will indeed produce tones on chimes I believe, but it is not a pleasant chime tone. It is a short siren warble.