Panel beeping

My panel has been going off for 2 or 3 beeps every 30sec to 1 min. I need help figuring out what is going on …

The message across the screen says the console was tampered… nobody touched the console… noticed it als showed the temp was 0 deg… it is in the 70’s.

Pressed the OK after seeing the message… stopped the beeping.

To acknowledge a trouble alert, see this video. It doesn’t solve the underlying issue, but the beeping will stop.

Your panel has a tamper switch located near the top inside the casing. If you do not use the panel’s set screw which keeps the top closed, or if wiring/antenna/slightly bent back plate/etc. are applying pressure, the panel may not snap onto the back plate properly. Open the panel and inspect the tamper switch to make sure it has not been damaged.