Panel Armed and Service is Not Set Up Yet

So I am in a situation similar to ewkwan1997 in post #3834 (how I came across your site).

Luckily in my case, when I accidentally armed and set off the alarm the previous monitoring had already lapsed, so no police showed up.

I just signed up for monitoring with you guys and I just want to make sure you are set up to receive and cancel the alarm and disarm the system before I reconnect power because I assume it will start wailing as soon as I do that.

suretyDIY employees and technicians do not have access to disarm your system even if you were already connected to service.

Do you know who the prior provider was? In certain cases common codes are used.

If you have purchased service, once your order has been processed you’ll receive a welcome email with initial login credentials and any applicable tracking info.

This email will also contain instructions for how to connect your panel, the best way would require running a manual cell phone test, however you cannot do that while the system is in alarm.

One thing you might try, you can in fact physically reset a 2GIG panel in alarm mode. This will just depend whether reset has been locked in panel programming.

Power down the panel completely, then, while pressing and holding the two front face buttons (home and emergency) plug in power. Keep holding the front face buttons without releasing for a full 60 seconds, then let go. The panel will boot up into an alarm state still, but if successful, the master code would then be 1111, and you can disarm using it. (I’ve done this myself on panels here)