Panel Announcement

The alarm panel turned on and said something at about 2:30 AM last night. This has happened a few times in the last few months. I’m not sure if there is any log or something to show what is going on. No sensor was tripped and the sensor logs don’t show anything.

Is there a way to identify what is happening? It’s been waking us up, but we can’t figure out what is happening.

This is interesting. I’ve been working on another report of something very similar, or the same issue. This would be the second report on a 2GIG Panel.

It is entirely possible that the two are not related, so we can’t assume that up front but the similarities in the described symptom are pretty startling. I’ve spoken with ADC and they see the same signs of a reboot, namely the panel time requests from the module which come through after a power cycle. Given that there are two systems now this may afford a bit more ability to dig in.

So it looks like something is causing the panel to reboot. The working theory was Z-wave commands failing and filling the module or panel buffer.

Unfortunately at first glance there is not much in common between the two systems other than the same type of panel.

One thing that would help, could you tell us any reports prior to that time or just after that are in the panel history log?

Security - Menu - Toolbox - Master Code - System History.

I wish i knew what the panel was saying, but it wakes me up so i only catch the end, and i can see it’s on because the hallway is lit up.

I’ll check the logs tonight and see if it shows anything. It’s happened probably 3 times now to us in total. Seems to be in the middle of the night, want to say the last time around 2:30ish as well.

If it is the same issue, it is just announcing status. Upon power up, the panel always announces the current status (same status as prior to reboot).

“System Disarmed, Ready to Arm” or “System Armed Stay” or “System Armed Away”

I checked the system log and nothing shows up. Sorry.

Alright, np thank you for checking. We’re currently working with 2GIG to discover if an internal panel software process could result in this and what might cause it.