Panel and ADC Mismatch

Alright - this has been going on since I have installed my ADC unit but it is finally gotten to a point of being really annoying as I have had time to look at it.

I have 2 thermostats:


No matter what I set the goal as, it never gets it right in the panel and therefor never has it right in the actual thermostat.

Currently, my ADC has the following parameters:

-Target of 78
-Currently reading that the unit is at 68
-Schedule is on

However, the actual panel and thermostat show:

-Target of 74
-Actually 73.5

So ADC has a target of 78 and my panel has a target of 74 so the unit is actually between 74-72 because it will cool down 2 degrees cooler than the target (Also annoying) but I can get over that but I just need the panel and ADC to correspond.

Additionally, ADC thinks my house is at 66 degrees when it is actually at 73.5.

So basically having my thermostats linked to ADC provide no benefit because they don’t follow any type of schedule.

Maybe I am doing it wrong, but here is a screenshot that doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

Any help is appreciated.


Qolsys and IQ tstat… right?

Battery operated only? C/common Wired for power? How is your mesh network? Any repeaters between panel and tstats? Battery operated zwave devices do not act as repeaters.

Have you tried just setting the tstat’s to “hold”? And then raising/lowering temp remotely to verify communication/commands?

Can you check what the Swing setting is currently set to on the thermostat itself?

Is the amount that ADC is off on the current temp the same all the time? Strangely it looks like your T-stats are showing an identical temp now as to what you showed in the screenshot.

It looks like you may just be experiencing Zwave network issues because both thermostats show malfunction after attempting to update their status (the previous update was stated as 5/21/2015, which is awfully strange).

This could be caused by suggestions above. Battery only power can cause many problems if the thermostat requires 24VAC. Distance can cause a lot of problems if you do not have any additional AC powered devices in your network. And if the devices were learned in too far from the panel problems could persist from the time they were added.


Yes, Qolsys and IQ tstat
*Both wired for Power
*No repeaters as I am having trouble getting a zwave repeater installed which I have another post for :slight_smile:
*Not sure what mesh network is :slight_smile: My wifi network spans across the entire property if those are related :slight_smile:

I sent a command from the panel directly last night and now I have an ADC Malfunction for both thermostats


How do I check the swing setting?
The Hallway thermostat is 28 feet with direct line of sight from the panel and the bedroom is 25 feet away, in the opposite direction with a closet wall in the way.

Do you think it would be smart to clear the thermostats, repair, then see if problem persists - I feel like it might be a radio problem in the panel but cant say for sure yet. I believe that because of the troubles getting the repeater paired too.

Yes, you may want to clear the thermostats and start fresh. Make sure when adding them in that they are within just a few feet of the panel.

The swing setting will be accessed on the thermostat itself (or may be hidden if the manufacturer made a bad decision) but would be described in the manual.

On your Qolsys panel, check Settings - Installation - Home Control Settings. What is your current max number of “Other Devices?” If this is 0, that would explain the repeater behavior I believe.