Over the Air Update with 2GIG

How do I push an over the air update to my 2gig system (1 controller, 2-TS1 units) with the latest firmware?

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

We recommend getting an 2GIG USB Firmware Update Cable This method is preferred over the OTA (over the air) update as it is more reliable. You can download the newest firmware to your computer and then install it to your panels (so long as your panels have ver. 1.5 or higher). We only recommend not updating to 1.14.01(newest) directly. Update to 1.13 first, then go to 1.14.01.

OTA updates are available, but they carry an individual data charge and we do not recommend them. They take a very long time comparatively and any hiccup in communication or power to the panel during that time can cause problems.

If you want to push the OTA we can do that for you. Just email customerservice@suretydiy.com that this is the route you wish to take and we can get that started.