Outside Gate Malfunction

Can you please let me know what can cause this?

I thought it was range and placed a repeater basically next to the lock. It went online for a day or so and its back to the same. Please assist.

Thank you

The device is referred to as Outside Gate, looks like it is a Schlage Lever Lock (FE599NX), is that correct?

If this lock is entirely outdoors with its rear battery housing exposed to the elements, even if under an overhang, sustained long term exposure to humidity, dust, frost, etc., can damage the lock. They are not intended for this purpose.

I do see the device coming back online with a status message 1/15, but it reports offline again about 8 minutes later.

If an outdoor environment is not applicable, I do see some devices in the list not reporting neighbor nodes, so it would be good to run a network rediscovery to ensure that appropriate network communication routes are established. Keep in mind that moving a Z-wave device to a new location will not improve signaling to the new nearby nodes unless you run a network rediscovery to re-map routes.

To run a network rediscovery: Settings - Installation - Home Control Devices - Rediscover Network