Outdoor sensors for detacted garage

I have a detached garage close to the house. I was considering installing a 2gig recessed door sensor on the mandoor, but then I saw the low end of the operating temperature range is 32F.

Is there a better solution for a mandoor on a detached garage? The Honeywell 5818MNL recessed door sensor doesn’t specify an operating temperature range. Honeywell does have a surface mount outdoor rated sensor 5816OD that is rated down to -40F, but the recessed look is nice. If a recessed solution doesn’t exist I’ll go with the 5816OD.

The Ion Plunger is a little better - it can go down to 10F:


I am unaware of a wireless recessed option, but if you can get wires to the location, you can use a Resolution Products RE201 as a transmitter for a wired sensor. This way, you could better hide the surface sensor and use a wired recessed sensor in the door.

Cool, I see the RE201 can go down to 0F:


I’ll probably go with the Honeywell 5816OD if its not going to be recessed. It occasionally goes below 0F where I’m at in NE Ohio.