Outdoor motion sensing?

Hey folks - wondering if anybody’s figured out a reliable way to do outdoor motion sensing? Video motion detection off the ADC cameras obviously isn’t made for that, and looks like all the motion sensors that Surety resells are for indoor use.

I’m aware of the car sensor and will probably add one at some point, but it’d be nice to be able to detect people wandering around the house as well.

Looking for this for a Quolsys system…

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t (or perhaps won’t in the future) exist, but I am unaware of an out of the box solution for an outdoor wireless sensor for Qolsys.

That said, as long as it has a NC contact closure, any wired outdoor detector would work, so long as a cable is run from its contact terminals to a transmitting sensor of some kind. The Qolsys hardwired takeover module would work well for that.

A wireless option is an Optex HX-40RAM combined with an RE101 transmitter.



You would mount the transmitter as shown in Case 1. See section 2-1 of the manual.

Another user uses the HX-40RAM with his 2GIG panel as discussed here.


Ah yeah - I shoulda thought of something like that.

Will add to my “to-do” list and report back if/when I have success.

Thanks guys!