Outdoor Motion Detector with 2GIG

I have 2gig panels at 2 places and need some tech support.

my current project is an oustide motion detector
like the optex hd40 ram http://www.optexamerica.com/sites/default/files/resource-uploads/HX%20-40RAM%20Manual.pdf

and would use Honeywell Ademco 5816WMWH to send its signal to the 2gig panel. if i wired the batteries together, i could have the supervisory mode too. This is what i would like to discuss and see if there are any holes in my idea.

would use Honeywell Ademco 5816WMWH to send its signal to the 2gig panel.

That would work. You would use the NC and Common terminals on the motion detector and wire them to the 5816 (or 2GIG DW10, or equivalent with wired input)

if i wired the batteries together, i could have the supervisory mode too

Not sure what this is referencing. Supervision is handled by the tamper terminals on the Wired Motion, and is a built in signal with wireless sensors. You may be able to use an additional 5816 and wire its terminals to the Tamper terminals on the optex. Another option would be to use an RE201 which has two wired inputs.

thank you. I like the idea of the re201. my question related to supervision of battery power as well. so could the batteries of the optex and the re201 be shared? if so please offer what you can as to the implementing that. many thanks

Interesting, yes in this circumstance, using an RE201 you would be able to it appears. I haven’t installed one of these optex before, but it looks like as long as you are using a transmitter which is powered off of a CR123A or AA battery, you should be able to power that transmitter off the power output in the Optex so long as you use the appropriate battery type. Clever design.

on more question. I use take overs on my 2gig since it was a convert from a wired sys. I think i have one open spot in the second one. Would I be better off getting the wired optex pir? seems if i can ge the wire out to the device, the remaining work is simpler?

The wired version is likely cheaper, so it may take more effort to implement but you may save money going with the wired to Take-345 approach.

back to using the resolution RE201 - Its specs say it can handle 0-120F temp, but nothing about humidity. So I called resolution and they say that with it outdoors even in not in the weather and protected by a roof, which mine will, it might not hold up bc its rated indoor only… Do you have any experience or comment if it would hold up? … THe climate is in Alabama so not as harsh as it could be, but there will be plenty of time when the dew point is equal to the temp, especially in the winter. thanks.

Well, there would be a couple ways around that.

One option, if you want the specs straight from manufacturer to withstand outdoor extremes and humidity, is to instead use the Honeywell 5816OD

For the RE201, we have in the past used conformal coating spray to protect the internals against corrosion.