OTA Command Delay Issues

I am having an issue with my alarm system where the commands from the ADC site and mobile apps are not being received by the panel.

The below describes my issue exactly, from another forum post:
Outgoing signals should register immediately whereas incoming signals get intermittently delayed. You can test this by sending a command, verifying the command does not take place within a minute or so, then immediately run a manual cell-phone test at the panel.

How do i get this issue resolved?

There are a few threads on this that will help you troubleshoot the issue depending on type of system you have. Using broadband/wifi to supplement cellular is one way to improve signaling.

Another issue may be the towers (especially if you have a 3G Verizon cell module). This may be indictive of a carrier issue if say it work fine before, and now it doesn’t. Verizon is actively refarming PCS spectrum (3G CDMA) to LTE/XLTE/VoLTE, 5G, and cell towers go down for upgrades, but eventually go back online.

If on the other hand, you have 2GIG with a 2G module, then that should be replaced with a 3G module as support has ended for the most part, and by the end of year all 2G cellular modules will cease to function.

I am actually not seeing any issues currently. Communication currently looks to be solid both ways.

In looking at the history, I think this is actually maintenance related. An issue was reported around midnight-1am 2/11/2016 affecting some app/website commands, but was resolved shortly after. Can you test your system now and see if inbound commands are registering as expected?