open sensor, yet closed

Good morning,

My front door is reporting that it is open on, however on my Go Panel it shows closed. I have confirmed the door is closed. Any ideas on what is causing this?

I went ahead and requested some updates from your panel and the door is now reporting as closed. Are you seeing that as well?

Yes thank you Jay it is now showing closed. When you say you requested some updates, what does that mean? Is that something I can do if it happens again?

Unfortunately, it’s not. Very rarely, a sensor’s open/closed status will not update properly with The issue will usually resolve itself after a little bit, but we can also force the panel to send out a status update to correct the issue immediately.


Will a reboot of the go panel have the same effect?

It’s possible that a reboot of the panel, combined with a cell phone test may have the same effect. Though I haven’t tested that out myself.

thanks for the info Jay and for fixing the issue. Have a great day