Odd Panel/Sensor behavior

Spent the weekend installing a new IQ2 panel and everything seemed to be going well. Installed 8 IQ minis, 3 IQ Mini Extended sensors, and 3 motion sensors. After all that was done, we added 1 ZWave switch (jasco zw4009). When i logged on to alarm.com and looked at the sensors, i noticed that the door sensors were reporting roughly every hour a “Closed” event (actual interval varies by sensor, 59-68 minutes depending on sensor). It appears this behavior started at roughly 11:10am yesterday, and that is also when I see the last motion event logged (have not had any further motion events, even though there has definitely been motion). 11ish am is also when the zwave switch was added, performed a Sync Z-Wave Devices, and created a schedule for the switch - so not sure if that’s a cause of the problem or a coincidence. I did try rebooting the panel, but the behavior has persisted. Has anyone see anything like this?

This must be a hard question :slight_smile:

I will add another complication i have is that I am now 1.5 hours away from the panel so I’m limited in what I’m able to do to resolve, i just don’t even know where to start.

So, based on the behavior pattern you are describing and not seeing any actual open events in between, it sounds like the panel is reporting the closed status likely on the supervision interval of the sensor itself (basically just re-reporting whatever the current status is). This is odd, but shouldn’t cause additional issues other than those confusing reports for now if that assumption is correct.

To try and resolve I would recommend a firmware update. Since you have it connected to dual path I can get that started for you. I’ve pushed an update for 2.6 firmware. After that is complete check the periodic history events. Do they continue? If so, send a remote reboot command through the Surety System Manager, any change?

I see that the firmware has been updated, but I’m still receiving the “closed” events after the update. I did send a reboot, but based on the timings I’ll have to wait about 20 minutes for the next check-in.

I’m still worried about the lack of motion events as well. Despite there definitely being motion (one motion sensor watches the front room, and people coming in and out of the front door would activate the sensor), i haven’t had a single motion event since yesterday.

Confirming - the “Closed” events are still occurring, and still no motion events.

I see, alright thank you for confirming. Chatting with ADC on this now.

I am guessing activity at the location should also include lots of doors opening and closing?

Are you able to confirm on the panel itself what the history page shows? I am curious if the panel is actually seeing activity but not reporting it accurately or if it is not seeing it locally.

Check under Settings > Status > History. Sensor events should be listed.

I do see the front door opening and closing in ADC history. It is not extremely frequent but it is still occurring. We’ll need to check the activity at the panel to know for sure where the issue lies.

There isn’t a whole lot of activity right now. Primarily the front door gets used the most, but lots of people are away from the location due vacation.

This is what I see on ADC. As mentioned, if the front door is opened, I would expect a motion activation in the front room as well.

Also - unfortunately i’m over an hours drive from the location of the panel, so panel activities are slower as I have to contact a person onsite for the work. This is a shot of the panel history:

I understand, that is odd, I would expect to see sensor activity there.

How long is the power cable for that panel out of curiosity? Are you using existing cabling? What gauge is it?

I’m using the cable that came with the panel. There is a closet behind the panel with an outlet that it is plugged into.

Alright thank you. I am going to need to reach out to Qolsys regarding the activity we are seeing. History looks normal enough to possibly assume an issue with individual sensors, but there are strange aspects which are not really presenting as a normal sensor signaling issue. I will follow up here with additional suggested troubleshooting.

Great - much appreciated!

Just providing an update from overnight:

  • Still seeing the constant reporting of sensor status
  • Still have not seen any motion reports
  • 2 sensors that are within 30 feet of the panel reported offline for a period of time (and after coming back online, are now reporting hourly their status)

I’m wondering if doing a full panel reset and re-adding the sensors is the right path forward, but will be curious to know what Qolsys has to say.

One additional thing is to double check the thin flexible white sensor antenna and be sure it is not pinched and that it is properly run out of the back of the panel into the wall.

However, a factory reset is probably a good next step to try.

The problems being reported do not necessarily stem from the same source. Supervision (offline) issues are usually range or environmental. Signaling trouble can certainly cause missed status reports where a sensor reports closed but the panel didn’t get an open report, but the regularity of this in your panel history is very strange.

Ok - had the person onsite do the following:

  • Verify the antenna was not pinched. None observed, but he reran the antenna through it’s own dedicate hole in the wall to ensure no pinching.
  • No change in behavior was noticed
  • Had him prepare for the factory reset by removing the single zwave switch we are using.
  • Immediately after removing the switch, the motion sensor in the front room where the switch was reported a motion event. He then went to the 3 other motion zones, and all 3 now triggered motion events

I’ll continue to monitor, but i’ve not seen this type of behavior after adding a zwave switch. My own home has 5 switches and I’ve not seen this type of issue. The only difference I noted is that the switch is a Jasco/GE ZW4009 which has security built in. Are there any known issues with that switch or is it unsupported by Qolsys IQ2?

That is exceptionally odd, I would not have guessed that as a potential interaction.

However, that is pretty definitive despite making very little sense.

I would barely hazard a guess here except that maybe the device and panel ended up in near constant communication, maybe unexpected signals, and somehow interfered with other processes.

I believe that is the same as the 46202 which is officially support on Alarm.com. My guess would be it did not successfully pair, at least not fully.

You might try relearning that switch and seeing if the same occurs.