Number of locks 2GIG

Any idea of many Zwave locks doe the 2GIG panel support?
I know the Qolsys supports five but I can’t find anything on the 2GIG.

2GIG supports up to 240 or so zwave devices…

I’m not aware of a hard limit on the number of door locks other than the 240 Z-Wave limit mentioned above. Practically, I have heard of people using 20 or so Z-Wave door locks but I’ve never heard of anyone going higher than that. If you’re going to use a lot of door locks then make sure you have a lot of repeating Z-Wave nodes as well such as lamp modules or repeaters. Door locks are battery powered and won’t route messages through each other to strengthen the network.

Thermostats, on the other hand, are limited to about 5 on 2GIG because it takes a lot of memory on the control panel to store thermostat schedules and rules.

Thanks guys!
I have a 2GIG and was thinking about switching to the Qolsys. I noticed that the Qolsys manual states 5 locks max so it made me wonder if 2GIG had a limit too.
The new office requires 7 so I guess I will stick with 2GIG.

Qolsys seems to be extra conservative when it comes to limits and controlling the user experience. 2GIG leaves a little more up to the user. Assuming the 7 doors are not right next to each other I would put one of these devices or some wall-powered Z-Wave device near each door and every 30ft back to the control panel.