Notifications From Users Disarming

So, is this right?

I add a user that has a code to unlock the locks but no panel access. I also have setup for alarm to disarm when correct lock code is input (for my convenience). I then want a notification sent to me whenever certain users disarm the alarm.

If the person has lock access but no panel access, uses their code to unlock the lock, the alarm will be disarmed and I cannot receive a notification that they disarmed it due to the fact that the user doesn’t show up as a user for notification purposes.

You can get a disarm notification but you have to set up the “Arming Event Notification” as: Web/Mobile App/Unspecified User. The User (with lock access but no panel access) will not be an option in the “Arming Event Notification” Users selection. This notification would get sent anytime the panel is disarmed, not just for the desired User.

However, you can also set up a notification based on lock activity, specifically lock unlocked by: User(with lock access but no panel access). So you would get two notifications whenever said User unlocks the door. One from the unlock and one from the disarm but only the unlock notification will identify the user by name.

Gotcha! Ok, forgot about the lock activity itself. I have to know which child is in my house at any given time. Lol My groceries are disappearing faster than usual.