Notification if family changes rules/automation

Does anyone know if there is a clever way to notify the “Master” if a family member (with custom-rule-set such that he/she/they can control (say) garage opening (but also can alter garage-related-rules) don’t “mess-up” already carefully-crafted rules… ?

There is no notification to configure for rule adjustments. There are System Awareness notifications which cannot be configured but go out for specific reasons:

  • Primary phone number changes
  • Primary email changes
  • User code changes
  • Login created or edited
  • Login with Access
  • Pausing/Unpausing all notifications on the account
  • Invalid email address for a secondary contact

Thank you for the response! It would be a nice future enhancement from, but not critical. Perhaps I can figure out how to sent the suggestion. Kind regards!

We forward requests to for our users. I’m happy to send this.

Wow - Yes, please! Thank you!