Not all my sensors are showing up at ADC

I added a sensor (sensor #42 in my system) and it shows up in the sensor list. It also is checked for a “monitored sensor”

I want to set up a notification where if that sensor opens, I am notified. When I go to the notification section at ADC and try to select that sensor, it does not appear in the list.

In fact only a fraction of my sensors appear in that list.

Why are not all my sensors showing up in the list to chose from?

Some sensors are not selectable depending on type. What sensor are you trying to set up rule notifications for? And what is the rule?

The sensor I want to select is simply a door/window contact which is the same as other door/window contacts that show up in the list.

I have 10 sensors being monitored and not over my limit.

So you are saying the door window contacts are entry/exit or perimeter type zones that show up under the sensor tab where they can be selected for “activity Monitoring”, but are not showing as a selectable device under notification for Rules?

What Rule?

If they were not showing under sensor tab, I would suggest you perform a cell test (if the sensors were just recently added)

also, you will need to contact central station so they can add the new zones and descriptors.

The sensor shows up in the sensor list at ADC

It even shows up in the list if I want to create and empower rule.

It is selectable as a “monitored” sensor and I have a check mark next to the box to select it

It is set up as a “no response” because I do not want it alarming the system. I have this sensor simply to notify me when it is opened.

It is for a door service people come weekly through to maintain my home.

A zone type 23 door/window or motion sensor will not be selectable for certain notification rules.

It is selectable for say “sensor activity monitoring” rule

is it selectable for any? I just want to be notified when this gate is opened, but I dont want the alarm to go off due to service people coming in and out at random times.

I have set my front door to zone type 23 just now, and it is selectable for the following suggestion rules (which can be renamed):

Sensor activity monitoring
Medicine cabinet opened
Video game cabinet opened
The pool gate was opened

It is visible in “fridge left open” which gives me hope.

Only 7 or so of the monitored sensors are in the other suggestion rules you listed.
Perhaps Surety simply needs to redownload my sensor list?

It is strange it is in some and not others. May be an issue with ADC. Try a cell test and then wait like 20min or so.

As far as I can tell you have everything set up correctly but I see a discrepancy in the settings on’s end. We’ll have to work with ADC on this and they aren’t open until tomorrow so hang tight and we’ll let you know what we find then.

Awesome. I am confident this can be made to work as it shows up in one of the suggested notifications, but not others.

This issue is resolved.

You office did a refresh of my sensors to ADC and I was able to make the rule

No need for further follow up

No need for further follow up

I would like to mention also, that when I set my sensor to zone type 23, it initially did not show up as a selectable option in any of the suggestion type rules, then it did, but in only some (it for example, was not a selectable option in “fridge left open”, but was in the ones previously posted above).

In general when adding sensors and selecting sensor activity monitoring for them, there will be a delay as to when they are available for selection in activity monitoring notifications.

The delay should be no more than 20 minutes or so. Logging out of your account and logging back in is often required to actually view the change.