"No response" types & Alarm.com

I installed a 4532L overhead door switch paired to an RE201 sensor. It’s a good combination.

As you are aware, its a bit of a challenge to assign an overhead door to an entry/exit zone – IIRC the max entry delay is 4 minutes (which is probably fine) but I think the max exit delay is only 45 second. For this reason I decided to assign this contact to a “No Response” type zone until my wife & I can get into the habit of arming/disarming via phone on exit/entry.

However, I’ve noticed that both this sensor & another (which uses the 2GIG DW10) don’t show on Alarm.com as Open or Close – but rather as ACTIVATED or IDLE.

Is there a way to get this to show as OPEN or CLOSED? After all, these are switches not motion sensors and the purpose would be to check up on Alarm.com and see, gee, did I leave the garage door open?

Further – If there is no other way to do this, what drives the state change from ACTIVATED back to IDLE? There must be some timeout somewhere…

Yes, I know I could change over my entire garage door opener for a LiftMaster MyQ, and I may do that in the coming months, but not yet.

Thanks for all your valuable advice & products thus far.

Mine shows as open/closed on alarm.com. And I have the overhead garage door reed switch and DW10 setup.

That suggests it is most likely a result of the way you programmed it

Hit logo at bottom right of screen
Enter installer code
System configuration
Right arrow to blank sensor location
Down arrow
**(02) exit/entry 2
Down arrow
(0862) dw10
Down arrow
Learn serial (or hit shift then learn)
Pull magnet away from switch to get serial programmed
Down arrow
(0) new equip
Down arrow
*Loop (1) 1
Down arrow
(0) disable dialer delay
Down arrow
Voice descriptor (“insert”, enter code…example ‘Garage Door’ code is “101” and “058” for all codes see: Descriptor codes)
Down arrow
(1) report enabled
Down arrow
(1) supervised enabled
Down arrow
(01) voice only

Thanks, Riven. It looks like you have yours programmed in an entry/exit zone, right?
I have a number of window/door contacts in entry/exit zones that properly show as open/closed.

entry delay is 4 minutes (which is probably fine) but I think the max exit delay is only 45 second

BTW Q5 on 2GIG is your exit delay (120 sec)
Q6 and Q7 on 2GIG are your entry delays (240 sec)

You can also set the zone to not report instead of no response that way if the panel does inadvertently go into alarm, it will not result in a central station dispatch.

No Response Type sensors can be selected as equipment type (Motion) or (Contact)

You likely have it programmed as (Motion). If you want to use No Response Type, select (Contact)


One of the two sensors for which this condition applies was working fine (in an entry/exit zone), but then I decided just to change the type to “No Response” because I expected someone unfamiliar to the house to stop by while I was away and didn’t want to explain all the details of entry/exit delays ha.

I mention this because the only thing that I changed was the zone type – from entry/exit to No Response. Then save changes, exit, panel restarts.

Taking your feedback, I just checked the configuration and you are right! Both of these sensors were showing as “motion” despite fact it was reporting as a contact previously.

So I played with the configuration a bit and discovered that when the configuration is altered and set to “No Response”, the configuration also changes the sensor type and defaults to Motion. Just changing the zone has this defaulted side effect. I set both sensors back to No Response and updated equipment type to Contact and now Alarm.com is reporting “CLOSED”.

So you were both right – the configuration was incorrect.


Yeah, I think prior to 1.13 (or maybe 1.12) No Response Type and even Interior Followers equipment type defaulted to contact. It recently changed so that both default to motion.