No Radio Signal After Power Outage

Had a power outage due to weather here. Lasted about 4 hours. After power was restored everything turned back one, etc just fine except now I’m getting a ‘cellular radio not registered’ on the 2gig Go! panel. Tried to get a signal inside the toolbox and restart the panel without any luck.

Any suggestions?

What does your panel show for the Radio Signal Strength?

Is the Radio Status button Red?

Did you fully power cycle the panel or did you enter and exit programming to reboot?

We are seeing your panel communicate normally and status requests are going through, fyi, though signal strength looks like it is very low.

I forgot to disconnect the battery the 1st time. Now I’m getting a green button with 10/31 from the last test. Not bad. I guess all is well. Thanks Jason, sorry for the false alarm… :slight_smile: