No Power on the panel

I signed up and there is no power to the panel. I have checked the outlet and there is power there. I am stuck what do I do ?

So that we can assist we will need some additional information. What model of alarm panel are you using?

Are you using the power supply included with the panel?

Yes power connected to outlet

Model IQPanel2

Are you still there?

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The IQ Panel 2 would need to be powered up by holding down the power button on the side of the panel. Have you done this?

Yes I have held it down
is there a time limit to hold down?

Still no power!

The power button must be held for 3 seconds.

Did you use this panel previously? Did you purchase it used or was it installed in the home you moved into? Have you ever powered the system successfully previously?

Are you using the short cable it came with? The next step would be to confirm the correct polarity. If you are using the roughly 6 foot cable that comes with the panel, the striped/dashed wire is the positive connection.

Three years ago, when I purchased the the system was part of smart features. It was working fine until a month ago. When Cadwell Electric out of El Paso Tx cancelled my connection as I deeded their monthly fee too high for the what I was getting. They Cadwell left no cables or instructions with the unit. I also notice that I listed the wrong IMEI number one too many {0} in it it. I will check the wires.

I have the wires correct and the red light is flashing.
What do I do about the wrong IMEI number I provided

The IMEI you sent in a private message had a typo, but the one submitted in your activation form did not. You could not activate the account if the IMEI was incorrect.

If that panel was left on, but the power supply was unplugged the battery is likely drained 100%.

Leave the panel powered for a couple hours, then try booting up again. Do you see any difference?

If not, try unplugging power, opening the panel, and unplugging the battery. Then plug in the power supply. Does the panel power up that way?

Its up and running now, thank you! I have one more problem. The app on my phone is not working. Not sure about the password

A temporary password is in your welcome to Surety email sent automatically when you submit your activation form.

An initial login link is also the final step of the activation process on our website system manager here.