No Power - No z-wave door lock!


So I just woke up to a house without power. I understand that z-wave devices that require (house) power will obviously not be working (e.g. power switches, lights, etc.) however, why aren’t my battery operated z-wave door locks? The 2-GIG panel is running fine on battery back-up but my z-wave locks are unable to accept ADC commands (e.g. lock/unlock). Both the 2GIG panel & locks are independent of the house’s electrical panel so this shouldn’t be a problem right?

Any insight would be helpful.




Yale Lock

Schlage Lock

This actually makes sense. During a power outage the Z-wave radio output is more limited and all of the Z-wave devices which draw line voltage and act as repeaters would no longer be repeating the signals. Distance becomes a very big factor.

Let us know if control does not return after power is restored.

Thx for info Jason. Still hard to believe as the door is only about 20 feet from the 2GIG panel. Regardless, good to know. Guess, I’ll need to have a back up plan for next time in case there’s another outage while I’m not at home.