No more RF sensors available.


So I realize that I have more wireless devices than the 48 allowed by the panel. Is there a way to expand it?

I recently bought CO and smoke detectors that took me over the limit. If I not able to expand the panel, will the smoke detector sound their own alarm if they are not connected to the panel? (work like a regular smoke detector)

Will I hear a periodic chirp from them reminding me that they have to be connected?


It depends on the model of Smoke Detector you are referring to. The 2Gig SMKT3-345 has a local sounder, yes, and will function as any other wireless smoke detector would if not learned into the system.

Do you happen to have any wired sensors being used by a takeover module? It is always possible to wire a couple similar zones in series to combine them into one zone. If you have, say, multiple wired glassbreaks or multiple wired motion detectors or multiple wired window zones running into the takeover module, you can condense the like types down and just lose a little specificity when it comes to pinpointing the origin of an alarm.

If you have smkt3 devices installed these take up three seperate zones per device. You can free up RF device slots by not using all three zones.

Options are to use only zone1 (or zone1 (smoke), and zone2 (heat), but not zone3 (freeze)), or see if you can get some smkt2 detectors (which include both smoke and heat as a single zone)

Yes, they are the SMKT3-345.

The house used to have a wired alarm, but the windows were changed about 10 years ago and the sensor are all gone, the only thing that remains are the cables in the crawl space.

I considered what you mention, and there is a room with 8 windows and I wish I could treat them as one…but the windows are double hung so I would have to wire 16 contacts…ugh. Wireless for double hung is so much easier.


In a pinch, the Go!Control also has two programmable wired zones on its terminal block. Depending on its location in the home, you might be able to swap a couple wireless sensors for wired ones without too much hassle, freeing up two wireless zones (for the smoke and heat loops on a SMKT3-345)

Thanks rive…

I plan on using the smoke loop. I believe also is very unlikely for the heat to trigger before the smoke in a house settings…am I correct?

There is a room with 8 windows and I wish I could treat them as one

That’s easy…a IS or PIR1, and a GB…two sensors

Ideally I’d go with both photo smoke and ROR heat…but if you gotta choose go photo smoke.

If a detector is in heated/atached garage, mech rm, etc, go heat