No door shows with myQ

I can not seem to add the myQ garage door opener that I have. Although seems to have recognized the internet gateway (I released it from my Liftmaster account, added it to and it now shows there), and although the gateway has a solid blue light on it indicating that my door has been learned, it shows no learned devices in and each time I hit check for new devices, I get “We are still awaiting confirmation from your system that your remote command has taken effect.” and then nothing seems to happen.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Have you removed both the door and the location from the Liftmaster site? Both of those should be removed from Liftmaster before you are able to do anything with the equipment. Although, it sounds like you may have already done that if your gateway is able to be registered to

Is this equipment pre-existing or did you purchase it from suretyDIY?

The door now appears after another learn…

    But the status doesn’t seem to want to refresh.

Strike that… All working now!