Newbie Questions.....

Hi all:

I’m very new to this. I’m thinking of purchasing an IQ Panel 2 and setting up my own security system. My first question is how do I hardwire the unit so that I can mount it to the wall (I don’t want to have to plug it into a normal plug and have the wire showing). I can have my electrician do it but I’m not sure what to tell him…


The alarm panel is a low voltage device and should always use its own plug-in power supply for power application. You cannot wire it directly to 120VAC house line power. The panel would be irreversibly damaged and would possibly cause a fire.

When panels/keypads are mounted to a wall, wiring is typically run to another floor (usually the basement) and their plug-in transformers are plugged in there.

In the case of the IQ Panel 2, keep in mind that it uses a 5.5 VDC power transformer. It is somewhat susceptible to voltage loss over a long cable, so if the cable is extended and run in the wall, its length should be kept to a minimum.

Other panels like the GC3 can use a bit longer cable runs as it is powered from a 14 VDC transformer.

The IQ Panel 2 is in many cases just used with the back-stand and placed on a table or shelf. Of course it depends on how you plan to interact with your system and how heavily you use the App/website.

Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking to find out. Do you know how long the cable can be before I’ll run into problems? And can I use any low voltage wire to the basement?

Thanks again!

Per the IQ Panel 2 Manual, Qolsys recommends 18AWG cable no longer than 25 feet.

Additional details about the terminal block and power application can be found on page 11 of the installation manual.


Happy to help!