New Z-Wave devices don't show up on

My 2gig controller has been associated with 3 different light switches, but they’re not showing up on These light switches can be switched on and off via the controller. Could you refresh the devices associated with my controller?

We can, but running a 2GIG cell phone test will usually cause 2GIG to sync new devices up with as well. Could you try running a cell phone test first to see if that does it for you? Syncing new devices by running a cell phone test empowers you to get it done without having to wait on us.

Installer mode -> radio status -> cell phone test

Thank you both for your help. However, even after successfully running the ‘cell phone test’ on my 2gig controller, none of the 3 Z-Wave light switches are in my account, even though i am still able to control them via the panel. Could you advise another method, or would you be able to update my panel remotely?

I have requested an updated device list. I see new devices. Can you verify they are all accounted for?