New V622 Audio Problems

Trying out the new V622 camera with varying success. The image is great but the audio is spotty. Spotty meaning - sometimes it works and most of the time it doesn’t. I can push the button and speak from the app but the audio from the room isn’t working.
I’ve tried deleting the camera and reinstalling. That didn’t work…seems to me like a firmware issue?

I can’t reproduce this at all. The mic is picking up relatively minor sounds from adjacent rooms even without line of sight to mic and there is constant audio.

I tested on the prior firmware version and the current one you have.

Where is your 622 located? Is there a lot of ambient noise?

Is your phone on wifi or data at the time of testing?

What is your upload speed?

Located in a living room. Worked to start with but now I don’t get any audio at all. Kids push the button and they can hear me, but I can’t hear them. No ambient noise in the room. The camera is less than 4’ from my router - no connection issues.

Phone is on wifi, regardless of connection neither work.

I’ve got good upload speed at the house. Will test tonight…

Any ideas would be appreciated. Like I said - already installed and reinstalled once…same issue. Worked to start, doesn’t work anymore.

I would test it out on another mobile device just to be sure, but other than that I would say it sounds like the Mic may be defective.

If purchased through Surety, find our warranty procedure here.

I ordered a replacement camera that should arrive next week.

I was hoping to send the other one back once I got the new one…but that takes me past the 30 window. Do I need to have it postmarked by 30 days to get my refund?

30 day returns are for non-warranty returns on items.

Warranty replacement is valid for the warranty period of the device, typically 1 year-2 years depending on the device. For a defective device within warranty, a refund of the replacement purchased would be processed when the returned device is received by our team. Be sure to include the RMA form linked on the warranty policy page.

Replaced with new device…old one will go back this week. Seems to have solved the issue.