New TS1 Pre-wired?

I ordered a handful of pieces & parts to complete my 2Gig installation and received it today. Thanks for the quick shipping.

In my order is a TS1. I was surprised to see the seal broken on the TS1 box and in fact the transformer already wired up to the touchpad. I know they aren’t shipped from the factory like that. Can you comment on if its a new panel and why its wired? It looks like the film across the front was removed & reapplied.

Picture attached.


They dont come with wiring. SuretyCAM gives you some, else you would need to obtain it yourself.

TS1s from new manufacturing runs are tested prior to shipment to ensure they are operational. The film is not removed, but it is never quite the vacuum seal you might see on a new smartphone.

The same is true had you ordered a full system and service. Panel and associated TS1s would be wired, pre-programmed.

Great, thanks guys. I’ll be working on it all tonight!

No doubt if I did not by a GC2 panel 2 years ago and let it sit in a closet, I would have just ordered one from you and let you do the programming :> I have a large spreadsheet with all the configuration figured out so hopefully it’ll be straightforward… First things first: update firmware with the new cable…