New Thermostat Install Trouble

I am trying to install a new ADC-T2000 thermostat. It has firmware version 1.6. Using local inclusion on the IQ Panel 2+ (rather than initiating new device through app) I was able to successfully include the thermostat on the network. It was recognized as a thermostat, but it not syncing its status and functions with the panel, and it’s also not showing up on the website or app (I also didn’t see a page on with the typical new thermostat install configuration wizard).

Looking at the advanced settings on the panel, the device is showing as connected to its neighboring nodes fine, but when I look at the device properties there are no command classes, etc. showing for it. If I hit the button to re-interview, I get an error that the command is not supported at this time.

I have tried removing and reinstalling it twice, and I have also rebooted my panel.

Nevermind got it working by trying a 3rd time.

Somtimes after pairing, it can take a few minutes to populate in ADC.

Running a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery is necessary after pairing or removing Z-Wave devices and this can help to sync Z-Wave devices. Running a cell test can sometimes help when the device is not populating.