New System

I’m wanting to install my own security system, thinking about using 2gig with monitoring.

  1. What app will be used for my iPhone if I sign up for this service? app or 2gig app I see horrible reviews for the telegard app.
  2. Can I choose which sensors will be monitored? I would need about 8 smoke detectors for code but really just need them security monitored. Don’t want smokes included in the 10 monitored But would want notifications if door or garage is opened. Would this be how the system works? So, if a smoke alarm went off it would work like a alarm being triggered correct?
  3. Can the ion wireless door plungers be used with 2gig
  4. Anyone have any success with motion sensor with a larger dog?
  5. Going to buy the panel and starter sensors from suretydiy. If I buy other sensors from other sites how hard is it to setup?


Let me attempt to tackle these in order:

  1. We are an dealer. You would be using the app.
  2. You can choose which sensors are covered by your activity monitoring, however they must be sensors that are eligible. Smoke detectors are not. All sensors are security monitored. Yes, regardless of your armed state, when your smoke detector goes off, programming initiates the response.
  3. Yes.
  4. I personally advise against using motions with animals unless the animals’ movement is limited and does not include access to space with motions. I have them at home myself, as well as a large dog, but I arm “stay” when the dog is roaming free. I use them as back up to other intrusion sensors when my dog is not roaming free.
  5. It’s a matter of opinion to some degree, but if you’re tech savvy you shouldn’t find it too difficult. We offer videos demonstrating learning in a number of sensors which may give you a sneak peek to the programming. If you have questions during the installation process, be sure to post here on our technical support forum, as we are happy to assist with questions regardless of where the equipment originated.

Thanks for the quick reply Amanda.
One more question on the smoke detectors. If one goes off will they all go off? Or can it be set this way.
Which siren do you recommend for the 2gig panel?

If the smoke detectors are part of the system, if any one of them goes off the alarm will sound via the panel and any TS1 or additional sirens you might have. However, the smoke detectors are not interconnected so a smoke detector will not go off internally if another on the system does. I use this as a siren in my garage and like it.

If you already have code required interconnected 120v smoke alarms in your home, you may want to tie them into the panel with the encore firefighter ($54)

As for how to install, and how to program just about everything for 2GIG (2GIG programming for dummies if you like):

As for sirens. I prefer the Everspring 100db zwave siren ($29 at your local Lowes):

We are building a home and was hoping to use the wireless smoke to meet code. Guess using the encore firefighter will work for me.
Do you sell the ion plungers on this site? I could not find them but saw them over on

We don’t currently, but I’ll ask the team to add them in the next round of updates. Probably will be this weekend.

I was going to go with the plunger from ion because 3 of my doors are steel. Will 2GIG Recessed Door Contact (2GIG-DW20R-345) work with steel doors.

Amanda, get them to add some supported light switches also

A recessed door contact may work depending on panel location, but the likelihood of a problem occurring with signals is pretty high and I would suggest to avoid it. The Ion plunger is a good alternative.

A lot of compatible Zwave devices are widely available from other outlets. We do currently stock and ship this as an option. These Aeotec In-Wall Zwave Switches utilize your existing on-off switch and sit behind it in the gang box. Have you seen these?

Jason, I have seen them on the site but never installed one. Are they east for a DIYer?

If you want easy for a DIYer, get the GE/Jasco zwave switch’s at Lowes. $34 single and $44 2way.

Ditto for an easy DIY zwave siren install (Everspring at Lowes)

How to:

The Aeotec is easy for single on-off switches. 3-Way wiring is tricky.

The GE/Jasco switches are pretty easy and, as rive pointed out, easy to get hold of locally.

Does the GE/Jasco switch from lowes work with

Does the GE/Jasco switch from lowes work with