New Subscriber - Provisioning Error

Just installed the CDMA module on my Concord 4. I am receiving 2 then 4 LED L1 red flashes after powering up.

Signal strength is 3 green flashes of LED L4.

What am I doing wrong?

This means that OTASP is not completed. Have you performed a cell phone test at the panel? (This instruction would be in your welcome email.)

  1. Press ‘8’.
  2. Enter the Installer Code (4-3-2-1 by default).
  3. Press ‘3’ (The keypad should read “Sensor Test 15 min Left”).
  4. Press ‘Disarm’ within 15 seconds of step 3 and enter the Installer Code
    This is required for successful communication and thus must be taken before any signals are sent.

I did perform a cell phone test at the panel, but received the same error message.

Can you attempt another cell phone test at this time, please? None is registered in history. OTASP would only commence after a successful test.

A 3 signal strength is plenty in this case for connection. Keep an eye on LED L1 and let us know if it changes to a different alert.

Performed another cell phone test. Performed the test twice. The control pad says “Bus Failure Unit 2”.

I attached a video of the module status led 1 error. Looks like the same error. (1.71 MB)

Can you verify you have the module wired per the attached diagram? Double check to make sure A and B are not flip flopped and that there are no shorted wires.

Also, just in case, did you happen to install the module with the Concord panel powered up? You’ll always want to make physical wiring changes with the panel powered down completely.

If you had the panel powered during installation of the module, please power down the panel now by unplugging the AC transformer, then the battery. Plug the battery back in first, then plug in the AC transformer.

Try running a cell test a couple minutes after the power cycle. Any luck? Or do you still show the bus failure message?

Still receiving message “Bus Failure Unit 2”.

(LED 1 error lights are gone and CDMA module has successfully linked to and panel.)

Make sure you have the covers returned to the Module and Panel box. It doesn’t look like there are any errors reporting on ADC and panel signaling looks good. Sensor activity looks like it is coming through fine as well. How many keypads do you have connected to this panel?

On the keypad, press the Star button once to acknowledge.

There are two keypads connected to the panel.

I believe the “Bus Failure Unit 2” error message is just an old error message.

Pressing the STAR button stops the keypad from beeping, but the error message is not deleted.

Try pressing star, then disarm and your code.

Did you have any additional keypads or modules which were removed?