New panel needed?

Hi, I received my 2GIG Switch DIY Kit. I think my Go Panel Is ruined. I placed the new cell module in the panel and did the cell test and it was successful. Then the panel just shut off completely as no power at all. I checked the wall power supply and am getting 14 volts. I tried hard resetting to no avail. I figure the panel is toast and I need a new one.

You need to be extremely careful when messing with the board. It doesn’t take much to damage it. Discharge static (like if you were messing with a PC). Always be sure to cut all power prior (disconnect 14vdc, and battery pack).

One of the more common errors is removing/swapping communicator while the panel is powered. As the above poster said, always be sure to power down completely before working on the internals.

As stated in the welcome email, your system will power down and then power back on with the face buttons flashing. During the time the screen will remain black and unresponsive. If you unplug the panel during this time (it is a data update) you can severely damage the panel.

It is important at the beginning to allow 15-20 minutes for all initial data transfer to occur.